Saving whales

Example app output

The purpose of this page is to simulate speed restrictions in the north-east Atlantic, and to estimate the benefit to fin whales which can be killed by collisions with vessels. First select your area of interest by longitude and latitude, which will be shown on the map by a blue box. The simulation will be constrained to this area, and will randomly assign theoretical speed restrictions in a box of maximum height, width, according to user inputs. Restrictions can be set for single or multiple months. The number of random areas tried can be set. The map will show the most effective mitigation measures highlighted by the simulation, and layers for a) fin whale density, b) unmitigated fin whale deaths, c) mean number of whales saved by simulated mitigation measures outlined in the accompanying paper (simulating 3.4 million areas).

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James R Robbins
James R Robbins
PhD Researcher

My research interests include conservation, spatial modeling and marine megafauna ecology.