New website made with blogdown

Welcome to my new website! I have been toying with the idea of creating a personal website to showcase my work and interests for several years. I’ve started several websites using blogspot, wordpress and Wix, but none stuck. This time I’ve really enjoyed the development process, and I think it is because I’ve been using R to create. I use R on a daily basis for my work, and enjoy tackling problems with the powerful solutions it provides. This website uses the blogdown package and Academic Hugo theme.

There are already several great demonstrations of how to get up and running with blogdown, so instead of repeating a tutorial I will link to some of the resources that I found useful.

My workflow is as follows:

  • Change template files, set up configurations and personalize everything in R
  • Write blog posts (like this!) in markdown
  • Push everything to a github repo
  • Integrate with Netlify (
  • Showcase the Netlify hosted site with a Google domain.
James R Robbins
James R Robbins
PhD Researcher

My research interests include conservation, spatial modeling and marine megafauna ecology.